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ENERGE® develops and distributes some of the best high-quality and cost-effective energy products in ASEAN and beyond.

Marine Energy Solutions by Energe Asia


Supplying Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO) at ports of Tanjung Pelepas and Klang. We are continuing to expand our regional footprint to the rest of ASEAN, by setting up operations in one new port every six months.

ENERGE® owns and operates eight bunker tankers with varying sizes with an optimal delivery capacity of 160,000 MT per month.

Land Energy Solutions by Energe Asia


Supplying Mogas (RON 95 and RON 97), automotive diesel oil (ADO, B7), bitumen, lubricants and base oil.

ENERGE® owns and operates a fleet of eighteen road tankers to transport mogas, gasoil (diesel) and other petroleum products throughout ASEAN.

Aviation by Energe Asia


Top-of-class Jet A-1 fuel and are currently focusing on expanding adoption of sustainable, low-carbon fuels in the industry. Energe® has a strong presence within the aviation industry, having had extensive experience in trading and supplying high volumes of aviation fuel for businesses within the APAC region.

Power by Energe Asia


Increasing the accessibility of sustainable power across commercial, residential and transportation sectors, with particular interest in contributing to the exponential growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption within the region and beyond.

Sustainable biofuel by Energe Asia


Creation of biofuels from recycled by-products, to replace conventional fuel as a source of energy. ENERGE® has acquired and secured a strategic terminal location in Malaysia for the research and development, as well as storage and distribution purposes of petroleum-based and sustainable energy products.

Additional land has been acquired in the states of Johor Bahru, Selangor and Penang for the development of creating sustainable biofuel from used cooking oil.

Solar power by Energe Asia


ENERGE® is at the forefront of sustainable energy development with waste-to-energy power generation and independent solar farm projects, both generating sustainable solar energy.

The company owns an assembly and fabrication yard for distribution to commercial and residential projects in Singapore and Malaysia. ENERGE® also owns a solar energy farm in Johor Bahru, and is looking to expand into other parts of Malaysia, as well as Indonesia and Philippines.

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